We are back, dancing live with our two favorite bands, Whirled Peas and Interfolk. We dance on first, third, and the occasional fifth Saturdays.

The City of Anaheim now requires that our dancers pre-register for the dance. Here's the link: www.anaheim.net/play. Recently they have supplied us with a QR code so that people can register at the door.

I hope to see you soon.

Here is the upcoming schedule:
September 23 -- Interfolk
October 8 -- no dance because of the Playford-to-the-Present Ball
October 23 -- Interfolk
November 4 -- Whirled Peas
November 18 -- Interfolk
December 2 -- Whirled Peas
December 16 -- Interfolk
December 30 -- Whirled Peas


In 1999 Judee began calling English Country Dances at her elementary school, where she was a teacher. Then Hal Ramser asked her if she would like to help bring ECD to Riverside and she agreed to be their caller.

Judee is proud to have taught Andrew Jackson to dance for a History Channel special. She is frequently asked to be a guest caller, and called for the Gualala Patriot Days Ball in July 2005. She also taught ECD at the Jane Austen Society of North America’s AGM in Los Angeles in October 2004 and in Tucson in 2006.

In September 2005 Judee started the ECD group in Anaheim, Orange County and she has been a regular monthly caller in San Diego. She has called for the Playford Ball in LA and also for the San Diego May Ball. In 2009 she followed in the footsteps of Elizabeth Bennet and called dances in Hertfordshire at Brocket Hall, where the 1995 production of Pride and Prejudice was filmed (see photo), in Kent and in Derbyshire.

Judee is a Kindergarten teacher, and is also a regular presenter of dance to the Orange County music teachers at Orff Schulwerk workshops.

We dance at:
The Anaheim Downtown Community Center
250 E. Center Street
Located in Anaheim between freeways I-5, 57 and 91
From I-5 take the W. Lincoln Avenue exit
Turn right on S Anaheim Bvld
Turn Left on E Center Street.